Uzbekistan has a wine industry? Yes! – Hovrenko Wine Factory

Uzbekistan has a wine industry? Yes! – Hovrenko Wine Factory

Uzbekistan is to review its school textbooks in an effort to root out gender stereotypes. This follows a review of their content by UNESCO, the United Nations’ education and culture agency, which said textbooks tend to nudge female students towards jobs in healthcare and teaching rather than science and technology, the Uzbek Review news portal reports. In support of the argument, the portal reproduced a page from the “ABC of Ethics” textbook, in which students discuss their future careers. The Uzbek Review also noted that all the historical compatriots quoted as sources of inspiration are men – from the princely astronomer Ulughbek to the polymath Al-Biruni. Illustrations also show women and girls typically doing the laundry and ironing school uniforms, but boys don’t escape stereotyping either. They are described as “careless about their possessions, prone to throw stones at animals and windows – they can’t sit quietly in class, and interrupt lessons”. The education ministry plans to remedy these stereotypes by assembling a team of international specialists, who will work with ministry officials on new textbooks. You may also be interested in:. Uzbek women market traders hit back at criticism Uzbek row over ‘short skirts’ in school Sexism row over German charity event.

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Although Samarkand has a wine culture dating back centuries, it was officially founded by D. The commerce has continued over the past decades to create a vibrant viticulture with most of the sales going north to Russia. The tour started to the right of the ground floor in a small museum. With my guide interpreting the explanations, we saw the beginnings of the industry including locations of the current vineyards and various machines used to create the wine itself.

After the tasting we went to a local store to purchase a few bottles, completing the experience. This was an excellent attraction. There was a perfect combination of academic explanations with the museum and interactive involvement with the sampling; it was affordable 40, som and brief 90 minutes to boot. An overall highly advisable stop. It was a little tricky to find – it’s a mint-green building on Mahmud Kashgari street, not the factory-like building with grape motifs on it a little way up the street!

Our group of three arrived without a booking and after a little discussion managed to arrange to return for a tasting two hours later we waited in the park down the street – so call ahead to book, as it’s not close to any other attractions really. The lady hosting the tasting was extremely friendly and knowledgeable and spoke excellent English.

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An Otago scientist has been digging up human remains in the backyards of Uzbek villagers to discover how people lived in the Middle Ages. Uzbekistan has a long history of human settlement, and its village oases were important links on High Medieval trade routes stretching across Europe and Asia. Dr Kinaston says researchers were interested in understanding diet, health, migration, interaction, ancestry, and care during a time of increased interaction along what is commonly known as the Silk Roads.

Every site is completely different — you don’t know what you’re going to find when you show up.

Date: November 25, ; Source: University of Otago; Summary: An Otago scientist has been digging up human remains in the backyards of Uzbek villagers to.

Published by Dilorom Fazilova — 2 years ago. Tags: Erasmus blog Uzbekistan , Uzbekistan , Uzbekistan. I love weddings especially Uzbek weddings! Between the years of to , I must have attended about twenty weddings in Uzbekistan! In this blog post, I will write about the typical Uzbek wedding and the customs tied to the event. My experiences are from the weddings of relatives, friends, and former coworkers.

I was looking forward to the food, customs, traditions, and all that that entails an Uzbek wedding. This occasion incorporates sacred religious rituals, traditional practices and lately, Uzbeks have also begun to integrate western customs into their own observances as well. I had the opportunity to witness fancy weddings in the capital and regions, and simple ones in the villages.

Both were equally fun and entertaining in their own right. Since Uzbekistan is a predominantly Muslim country, many assume that Uzbek weddings are sex-segregated, or the marriages are arranged and the groom and bride have never met, etc.

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A guide to resources for Uzbek periodicals, including national bibliographic publications and catalogs, is available here. New York: N. Ross, In addition to its massive retrospective card catalog of its pre Russian-language holdings , the Russian National Library in St. Petersburg maintained separate card catalogs of its holdings of works printed in the languages of the former Soviet Union, including Uzbek.

They are very distinctive, impressive and different, dating back to different epochs and religions. Initial formation of Uzbek culture dates back to the 6th-7th.

The leaders of the two countries have met several times, reached a number of important agreements and set the course for the future direction of bilateral relations, Jiang said. China is Uzbekistan’s largest trading partner, largest source of imports and largest destination of exports. Last year, China-Uzbekistan trade surged According to data published by the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Statistics, around 1, Chinese enterprises are operating in Uzbekistan.

Bilateral cooperation has surged in such areas as oil and gas exploration, pipeline transportation, infrastructure, telecommunications, textile, chemical industry, logistics and agriculture. Breakthroughs have been made in cross-border railways and highways, which have greatly improved the efficiency of cross-border transportation. The China-Europe Railway Express links many major Chinese cities with Tashkent, while the Uzbekistan-Kyrgyzstan-China transport corridor has met the need of short-distance cross-border cargo transportation.

Uzbek agricultural products such as cherries and mung beans entered the Chinese market last year and are favored by Chinese consumers.

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Traveling around the landlocked country of Uzbekistan isn’t easy. Before trying to cross any borders, check online for up-to-date information, as these borders can close Uzbekistan is very rich with it’s history, culture, tradition and food.

By Contributor. Eight months ago, I decided to plan a trip to Uzbekistan. When I told my parents, they looked at me with a confused and concerned look on their faces. Dramatic much? When I booked my flight to go to Uzbekistan, being black was the last thing that was on my mind. My crazy story began when I landed for my layover in Russia with only 30 minutes to hop on my connecting flight. The line was going by fast, and my expectations to make my flight were high. Then it was my turn to face customs, and things took a turn.

Uzbekistan: the most fascinating country you’ve never been to

Customs and traditions of the Uzbek people have been forming for centuries. They are very distinctive, impressive and different, dating back to different epochs and religions. Initial formation of Uzbek culture dates back to the 6th-7th centuries BC, by that time nomadic tribes shifted to a settled way of life in the valleys of Amu Darya, Syr Darya and Zarafshan and founded first states.

Former nomads founded settlements and cities, bringing with them customs and traditions based on ancient cults of their ancestors.

In Uzbekistan, as in all former Soviet republics, the ancient presence of the with the Tajiks for this Turkic people and its deeply Persian-influenced culture. of the date of the Uzbek ethnogenesis and hoped to prove that it crystallized a few.

Please refresh the page and retry. U zbekistan hardly stands front and centre when it comes to potential holiday destinations. Around 1, Britons visit it each year, according to ONS figures, putting it on a par with the likes of Armenia and Malawi for comparison, Spain lures around nine million of us annually. But getting there is about to become a little easier.

From July 15, the country is pruning some of the red tape that surrounds it. So what does this Central Asian enigma have up its sleeve for travellers? A surprising amount. Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand were key stop-offs for traders, and have all been painstakingly restored to their former glory — think glittering minarets, voluptuous domes and hypnotic mosaics. With a little planning you can squeeze them all into a week, making this the perfect bite of Silk Road splendour.

Some , people were left homeless, but with matchless Soviet muscle the entire city was rebuilt and restored — indeed, it is said that construction work started the day after the quake. The walled city of Khiva is a living museum, protected by Unesco but still populated by Uzbek families and businesses. It was founded in the 6 th century, and thrived as a Silk Road trading city — with increasingly ornate mosques, mausoleums and madrassas religious schools added to its labyrinth of streets, all of which have been artfully restored.

But after 5pm, the local tourists head home — leaving you to explore the city in peace.

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It is surrounded by five landlocked countries: Kazakhstan to the north ; Kyrgyzstan to the northeast ; Tajikistan to the southeast ; Afghanistan to the south and Turkmenistan to the south-west. Along with Liechtenstein , it is one of two doubly landlocked countries. As a sovereign state , Uzbekistan is a secular , unitary constitutional republic.

It comprises 12 provinces vilayats and one autonomous republic, Karakalpakstan. The capital and largest city of Uzbekistan is Tashkent. What is now Uzbekistan was in ancient times part of the Iranian -speaking region of Transoxiana and Turan. The area was incorporated into the Iranian Achaemenid Empire and, after a period of Macedonian Greek rule , was ruled by the Iranian Parthian Empire and later by the Sasanian Empire , until the Muslim conquest of Persia in the seventh century.

The Muslim conquest in the 7th century converted the majority of the population, including the local ruling classes, into adherents of Islam.

National Bibliography of Uzbekistan

With them, they brought their cultures, traditions, and religions — all of which contributed to what remains today. Uzbekistan is home to many ancient cities, including Samarkand, Bukhara and Kiva, all of which are home to extraordinary sites to behold. It was founded in the 6thcentury, and thrived as a Silk Road trading city — with increasingly ornate mosques, mausoleums and madrasas religious schools added to its labyrinth of streets, all of which have been artfully restored.

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Photo taken on Aug. Chinese, Uzbek scientists unveil mystery of ancient city in Central Asia. China, as a neighboring country, is among the most active participants. In , a joint international archaeological expedition of Chinese and Uzbek scientists started excavating the ancient settlement of Mingtepa, a “living fossil” of the Silk Road dating back to 2, years ago, in Uzbekistan’s Andijan region in the southeast of the Ferghana Valley.

Seen from the outside, the ruins of the Mingtepa city were surrounded by five-meter-high walls with gates, and on both sides of the gates were rectangular towers with loopholes, which, according to scientists, are typical of medieval Central Asian cities and the ancient Chinese capitals — Luoyang and Chang’an.

Scientists noted that the ancient city was equipped with multiple well-functioning city defense facilities, large-scale buildings and road systems, and there were also well-developed handicraft workshops as well as a cemetery outside the city. As of today, the joint archaeological research team has unearthed from the ruins valuable materials, as well as information on the structure and fortification system of the ancient Mingtepa city, proving it the most fortified city of the Ferghana Valley in antiquity, archeologists say.

Speaking of the archaeological achievements, Uzbek experts highly appreciated the contributions made by the Chinese side. They highlighted the use of a unique Chinese archaeological tool, the “Luoyang shovel,” as well as advanced methods of accurate measurements, computer mapping and data analysis. The existence of the outer city confirmed that Mingtepa was a big city with rich culture instead of a temporary fortress, making it the largest ancient city site in the Ferghana Valley.

China-Uzbekistan partnership to reach higher level

Uzbekistan might not be on the regular tourist trail these days, but there was a time when travellers and traders would come through the country in droves. This is a nation that is surrounded completely by other landlocked countries! The other one is Lichtenstein. This is reflected in the quality of their Islamic architecture!

Soak up the culture of mysterious Samarkand and cultural heart of Transoxiana​—the birthplace of ancient eastern civilization dating back over years.

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I had learned some key dates.

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